A day of rest

I took Kelly and the Little Man to the airport yesterday morning. They are off to spend the bulk of the Little Man’s spring break in Florida with his grandparents. That means that I am a bachelor for the next four days. It is an odd feeling to be home all alone after 22 months of having to keep an eye on the Little Man at nearly all times. At one point yesterday, I was sitting on the couch,staring at the area rug in our TV room, just letting my mind wander–for an entire 25 minutes! It’s the first time I can remember doing that in nearly two years.

Originally, I had planned to get a lot of reading and writing done yesterday. Instead, I took advantage of this one day to have a day of rest. I spent the early part of the afternoon watching the remainder of Season 1 of The Universe (about which I’ll have more to say in a future post). I then transferred downstairs to the family room and proceeded to watch TV for the rest of the day. I watched the latest Harry Potter movie. I watched Inception, which I’d never seen before (and about which I will have more to say in another post). And I watched the series premier of the new HBO series, Game of Thrones based on George R. R. Martin’s series. (This, too, I will have more to say on in another post.)

There was something pleasant and strange about this. I felt lazy, not doing anything but watching TV, something which I haven’t done in months. It was quiet in the house, too, but the quietness was almost disturbing. I’ve grown used to the chaos of a little boy running around like a madman. Every time I’d see a little boy on the TV (Inception, Game of Thrones), it made me think of the Little Man and I missed him despite it being less than a day that he and Kelly have been done.

I finally retired to bed last night with the window cracked and cool air in the room. There was no need to prepare some overnight milk beforehand; no concern about the Little Man waking up in the middle of the night. And as it turns out, I slept pretty darn well last night.


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