My upcoming writing projects

I now have my writing projects scheduled out through February 2011 (I think).  They are all short fiction and for those interested they are:

  • Story #8 for 2010: finishing up (and cutting) my first attempt at a (humorous) zombie story (although the word zombie is never used). I’m hoping to get a draft of this completed by the end of the weekend.
  • Story #9 for 2010: this one is hard to describe, but let’s call it a near-future technophile/technophobe story with what I think is a fairly clever title. I’ve got three or four scenes written so far and I’m hoping to finish this one up while on vacation.
  • Story #1 for 2011: My first novella in quite some time. I’m cannibalizing the first part of my NaNoWriMo novel, rewriting it, cutting it from 34,000 to around 20,000 words for what I think will be a fun and exciting space opera.  I’m aiming to have this one finished by the end of January.
  • Story #2 for 2011: A science fiction mystery a la Jack McDevitt involving what I think is a very cool mystery and an even cooler resolution to the mystery.  I’m hoping to have this one wrapped up by the end of February.

In the meantime, I still have 3 stories out at various markets and I think all three of stories are pretty good ones.  They are also 3 distinct genres: one is a straight mystery; another is a fantasy; and the third is a science fiction mystery.  Two of the three stories have been out for a very long time and I expect to hear back on them soon.  What I will add is that I think I have a better chance than at any time in the past at selling not just one of these, but all three, as they represent the culmination of a lot of practice on my part and I think they are good efforts, especially the science fiction mystery which is among one of the best stories I’ve written so far, in my opinion.


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