Writing update: Story #1 for 2011

I spent most of this evening writing. I started by rewriting a scene in “Immigrant”, something I don’t generally do before completing a first draft. In this case, however, it helped jump start the rest of the story an I put in about 1,500 words (including the rewrite) before I wrapped up for the evening. Incidentally, when I finish up a scene I will often leave myself a note priming the next scene. I generally have an idea of where a story was going, but the note helps to ensure I don’t lose the momentum I had when I finished, as an example, here is the note I left myself when I finished work on “Immigrant” tonight:

Santa Ana’s; he asks about her work, comp sci, AI, etc. Go to the event, a lot of fun, inseparable thereafter. Marriage, kids, retirement. The court battle. Lizzy’s illness. The day she died.

Might not make much sense to you, but that tells me exactly what to do next, and reading it again just now has me eager to work on it tomorrow.

Once I finished, I thought I was done for the night. I was about to start on blog posts for tomorrow, when for some reason, I pulled open a story that I’d started a while back, a kind of meta-fictional piece that had what I thought was a great opening but which wasn’t going anywhere. It occurred to me it might work as a piece of flash fiction and so I gave it a shot, and what do you know: I finished the first draft. The story is called “Night of the Literary Dead” and it is the story I’d write if I wrote zombie stories. It is also the first story I have completed this year, and completing a draft of a story always feel good. It stil requires some work, but since it is only 1,000 words, it shouldn’t take long to get it into shape and get it sent out.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to working on “Immigrant” over the weekend. What comes next should be a lot of fun.


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