The Little Man Cries Fowl


At the Grandparent’s house, there are several life-size, wooden models of birds. It turns out that the Little Man is afraid of these. There was one, standing on the floor, half again as tall as the Little Man and he would look at it suspiciously and walk past it carefully, never taking his eye off of it. He would skirt around the perimeter of the room to avoid it, and eventually, it had to be hidden away.

There is a second bird (pictured above) that hangs in the room as if it is gliding. The Little Man looks upon it with great suspicion. However, I’ve discovered that if I call it an “airplane” instead of a “bird”, he looks at it in a different light, no longer scary. Unfortunately, there’s no way to call the other bird an airplane.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him afraid of anything like that and it was a little amusing to see him react that way.


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