Vacation Day 1

Yesterday was our first day of vacation and it was pretty much what I hoped for. The early part of the day was spent traveling. We were all up early, shortly after 5am, in order to catch an 8am flight out of Reagan-National. The sidewalk outside the house was a sheet of ice when we left and the temperatures were in the 20s.

There were no delays at the airport. We were through security quickly–and without any fancy screening measures. The Little  Man was very excited to see so many airplanes and a little more excited to ride in one. His 9th flight went very smoothly. He slept for a little while and looked out the window quite a bit.

The rest of the day was very much vacation-like. We settled in, had some lunch and went for a long walk while the Little Man napped. I got in some reading, but no writing during the day. I spent some time combing through the December issue of LOCUS and read a great interview with Nancy Kress. We had an absolutely delicious dinner. Kelly’s mom made pulled pork and you could smell it cooking in the house all day long. And it was wonderful.

We tried to keep to the Little Man’s routine, reading to him before bed and then putting him into his bed at the normal time. He fussed like usual but went right to sleep, much to our surprise. The only problem was that when I finally went to bed, I walked into something and woke him up and after that, he wouldn’t stay in his bed and had to come sleep with us. That made for a bit of a tough night’s sleep, but it was still a fun and relaxing day.


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