Holiday writer’s woes

It was my intention to complete two stories while here on vacation but the progress so far has been almost nil. I think it has to do with my overall vacation mentality. First, it’s tough to find a chunk of quiet time where I can go and sit and write, but when I do find the time, I don’t feel in the mood to work on either of the two stories. This seems pretty typical of when I am away from the house. I don’t have the same kind of enthusiasm for writing as I do when I am ensconced in my office at home. I think in part it is because I have trained myself by force of habit to be at my most creative sitting in my chair at my desk. It makes it a little frustrating when I’m away from home, however. I feel like I should be cranking away at the stories but can’t seem to get myself started on them.

Do other writers out there experience this same phenomenon, too?


    1. I could try that and see how it goes. Right now I’m trying another Asimov solution: I’m trying to generate inspiration by rereading the Foundation trilogy. A technique also known as procrastination. 🙂


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