Some Interesting Vacation Stats

Here are some interesting stats from my vacation, which lasted 23 days from start to finish:


I wrote 22,461 words of fiction while on vacation. That amounts to an average of just under 1,000 words/day. My best day was December 28, when I wrote over 3,600 words. My worst day was December 15, while on the road, where I wrote 288 words. All told, my vacation fiction writing looked like this:

Vacation Writing

That amounts to 16-1/2 hours I spent writing fiction while on vacation.

I wrote 20,465 words worth of blog posts while on vacation. That brings my grand total of vacation writing, fiction and blogging to about 43,000 words. Not bad for 3 weeks.

The data for these numbers come from my Google Writer Tracker scripts.


I walked a total of just over 265,000 steps, or about 120 miles on my vacation.  That might sound like a lot but I only hit my daily goal of 15,000 steps on 6 out of the 23 days I was on vacation. Here is what the day-to-day breakdown of my walking looks like:

Vacation Walking

The data for my walking comes from my FitBit Flex.


I made use of my new Automatic Link to track the driving we did on our vacation. Based on the numbers provided by that device, we drove about 2,218 miles on our 3 weeks of vacation. Of course, that includes the driving we did from Virgina to Florida and back, and indeed, that makes up most of the driving we did. Our Kia Sorento averages about 29 MPG on the long drives, although at one point, it did hit 30 MPG.

Of course, none of these stats reflect how much fun we had, or how much we enjoyed our vacation, but that’s what the memories (to say nothing of the photos) are for.

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    1. I think there’s a few miles missing there, but yeah, that’s pretty much it. 🙂 The bulk of it was the drive down and the drive back. The 15 days in between was pure relaxation, with some writing mixed in.


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