Back at Work After 3 Weeks of Vacation

After 23 days on vacation, I am back in the office today. It is always amazing to me that no matter how long a vacation I take, it always seems to zip by in the blink of an eye. I can remember thinking the evening I went on vacation (at the company holiday party) that, wow, I had a whole 3 weeks off! And now, here I am back in the office.

There were almost 600 email messages waiting for me in my work inbox. I’ve pared that down to 60, and I actually had to read about 30 of them. That just goes to show how email seems to grow like weeds, and like weeds, most can be destroyed without a second thought.

The kids did surprisingly well going back to school this morning. The Little Man had been out of school for 4 weeks because snow days, combined with pink-eye kept him out of school the week before we went on vacation. But I had no problem getting either of them up this morning, and they gave us no trouble when we dropped them off at school.

Temps were mild this morning, rainy, but in the 40s. Tonight, we get down into the teens and over night and into tomorrow morning, we are looking at 5-6° F. Not as cold as what some of my friends in the midwest are experiencing, but cold enough.

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  1. I love getting back to the regular routine of life. It is my comfort zone. I’m not a big of all the “hustle and bustle” of the holidays and very glad it comes but once a year!

    Happy new year, Jamie.


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