Writing on vacation

We have now been on vacation for a little over a week, and my consecutive day writing streak remains unbroken at 517 consecutive days as of yesterday. (I have yet to get my writing in today, but it is still early.) I have managed to write while on vacation, even though the first week has been a very busy one, with lots of driving (over 1,000 miles), and 3-1/2 days roaming about the Disney World parks. So how does my vacation writing compare to when I am not on vacation? From the standpoint of quality, I have no objective measurement, but from the standpoint of quantity, it looks pretty good:

Vacation writing

The chart above shows the last 30 days of my writing. The last 8 days (in the red box) are the days that I wrote while on vacation. I’ve written just under 7,000 words over the course of the 8 days I’ve been on vacation, averaging 870 words/day. Those last two days are up because we have arrived at our final destination for the remainder of our vacation, and have settled into the relaxation phase. The weather is warm and sunny, the pool is cool and wet, and we can relax in the run-up to the holidays. I have more time to write, and I am also less tired in the evenings, when I have been doing the bulk of my writing. I suspect this trend will continue, and I hope to make significant progress on the novel draft over the next couple of weeks.

Those looking to keep an eye on my day-to-day progress can always do so over at open.jamierubin.net.


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