Longing to Return to My Vacation in the Golden Age

For some reason, views of my Vacation in the Golden Age posts have skyrocketed over the last several days. A lot of the traffic seems to derive from this post on MetaFilter. Seeing all of the traffic and some of the discussion has got me yearning to return to my Vacation in the Golden Age. Would I but have the time.

Fiction writing is going pretty well for me now (yesterday was 108 consecutive days of writing). And I’m picking up more nonfiction work. I’ve had nonfiction articles published in Lightspeed and Analog this year. I have a nonfiction column coming out in Blue Shift magazine, and it looks like I may have another nonfiction piece in a magazine later this year. Between the fiction and nonfiction writing, as well as the day job, the reading I do for my book review column for InterGalactic Medicine Show, and spending time with the family, there just isn’t time right now to squeeze in reading for my Vacation posts.

But I am not giving up. They will continue at some point. Many people dream of winning the lottery. I don’t play the lottery. Instead, I dream of becoming a fulltime writer. When and if that ever happens, I suspect my day will be structured differently and I may be able to return to the posts then, if not sooner.

Still, it is nice to see the posts getting some attention.


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