Story Sale: “Situational Awareness” to Blue Shift (Plus a New Nonfiction Column)

As I announced on Facebook yesterday, my story, “Situational Awareness” will appear in Issue #2 of Blue Shift magazine, a new magazine making its debut early in 2013. The magazine is edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt and he announced the lineups for the first two issues (here and here) on Facebook yesterday. Those lineups look pretty darn good! Issue #2, with my story, will appear in November 2013, so you have a little bit of waiting to do. And it gives me time to make some revisions that Bryan requested.

If you read Bryan’s lineups, one thing you might note is that the magazine has several nonfiction columns. My friend Juliette Wade will be writing one of those columns. Another friend, Paul Weimer, will be contributing articles on gaming to the magazine. And I will also be writing a column for the magazine, with a focus on science fiction and technology.

And if all of this isn’t enough, I’m hoping to have some more news to announce in the not-too-distant future. So stay-tuned.


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