A Crucial Addition to My @ThinkGeek Bag Of Holding

On Monday, I posted about my new ThinkGeek Bag of Holding and how it contains my entire mobile paperless office within its TARDIS-like interior. There was one crucial item missing at the time. Indeed, I received the item the very evening I made the post and it has since been added to my Bag of Holding. What good is a paperless office without a scanner?


The good people over at Apparent send me a Doxie One scanner to see if it fits into my paperless lifestyle. And as you can see from the above picture, it appears to fit quite well, so far. I plan on taking the Doxie One on vacation with me and running it through a healthy trial. Two things I like about it already:

  1. It’s conveniently small and fits easily into my Bag of Holding without much added weight.
  2. The Doxie One has the Coolest. Instruction. Manual. Ever. It’s a comic strip, people!

You can expect a full report from me on the Doxie One when I return from my vacation in early January. In the meantime, you can drool over that picture up there.


  1. Jamie, cool stuff. I’m surprised you felt the need to add a dedicated scanner to your carry bag. I have been using the Scanner Pro app on my iPhone for a while now and find it brilliant. It is set up to automagically save directly to my evernote. One less piece of hardware to schlep around.


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