ThinkGeek’s Bag of Holding Is Perfect For a Mobile Paperless Office

Every since I started on my journey to go paperless, I have found that I can carry less and less around with me and still be just as productive. One consequence is that, while I used a rather large backpack to lug things to and from where I was going, I made less and less use of the space in that backpack. So I began a cursory search of alternatives. I had an old messenger bag that I used to use, but after giving it another try, found it was too flimsy for what I was looking for. It occurred to me that many I wasn’t the only one with this particular problem, and so I sought out ThinkGeek as a possible source for a solution. And they came through.

I ordered their Bag of Holding messenger bag. It arrived and Friday and today is the first day I’ve really given it a good test run. And so far, the results have been great. It is a sturdy, canvas bag that isn’t too big or small for my needs, but just right. Here is mine sitting on a meeting chair in my office:


I tried to think through just what I’d need to carry with me in this mobile paperless office of mine, and then tried to organize it in some sensible manner. Fortunately, the Bag of Holding made this pretty easy. It has got a ton of pockets–some of which I haven’t even used yet–and yet remains compact. Here is how I carry and organize some of my paperless office:


In this front pocket, I keep stuff for which I might want easy access: my stylus, microfiber cloth, spare batteries, ear buds. And yes, those are business cards. Going paperless is asymptotic, you get very close but can’t ever seem arrive at that perfectly paperless plane of existence.

In a slightly larger pocked, I keep some other useful things like by BlueTooth keyboard for my iPad, or stuff that I have to put in the mail:


In yet another pocket are those things that I tend to take out for the bulk of the day once I am established in my workspace:


As I said, there are still at least 3 unexplored pockets. Of course, there is also a few more items that will need to fit in here, like some power cords. I’m also curious to see if the Doxie One scanner I am soon getting will also fit snugly in the bag. Despite all of the stuff I put into it, the bag is still slim, light and sturdy and I am really digging it as a functional storage space for a mobile paperless office. Way to go ThinkGeek!


  1. Got one for Christmas and I’m loving it. I have a padded-panel insert for messenger bags to hold camera equipment, so I’ve got my camera and accessories in the main pocket, my iPad in the rear zippered pocket, my assorted doodads in the front and anything I have to mail to deal with in the back buttoned pocket. VERY handy and I’m still not using all the space.


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