“Vacation?” You Ask

So I mentioned something about a vacation on the previous post. I do take them from time-to-time, and in recent years those times seem to fall at the end of the year. We have house-sitters and pet-sitters squared away and indeed we’ll be heading on a well-deserved vacation in just a little over a week.

We’ll be taking the kids to Disney World for the first time, and then spending a restful and relaxing time–including Christmas–at my in-laws. That isn’t sarcasm. I have the best in-laws in the world and so the rest of you just have to be jealous. We are doing things a little different this time: we are driving instead of flying, and I am actually really looking forward to it.

But what you are most likely concerned about is what it means for this blog, right? I suspect it won’t be impacted too much. I’ll schedule some posts ahead of time, so that, you know, I can have a few days where I don’t feel glued to the computer. But otherwise, I suspect that things will mostly be business as usual. In addition to spending quality time with the family, I hope to get started on some of that momentum I talked about yesterday. I also have a ton of reading to do for my book review column, to say nothing on catching up on short fiction. I’ve gotten pretty far behind there.  Maybe I’ll even finish a new story.

In any case, I don’t suspect this blog will miss a beat, so if you come here each day looking for something to read, I expect you’ll still find stuff while I’m on vacation.


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