Writing While on Vacation (The Streak Continues…)

My writing streak is now at 132 consecutive days which means I managed to write every day while on vacation. Ah, but how much every day? Here is how I did, quantitatively:

Vacation Writing

I wrote a total of 5,400 words between June 28 and July 7. As always, this is fiction and a tiny bit of nonfiction writing. This does not include my blogging numbers. On average through my vacation, I wrote 540 words/day, represented by the red line. The green line–about 800 words/day–was my overall average going into the vacation.

Some general thoughts about my vacation writing:

  1. I tried to get my writing done earlier in the day than I usually do it. This was because our days were busy, the kids were not napping as much as usual, and I felt more worn out in the evenings.
  2. My worst day was Saturday, July 6. We spent the entire day in Mystic, Connecticut. It was extraordinarily hot and we were outside most of the day. The kids did not nap, and when we finally got back to the hotel after dinner, I did not have much left in me. I managed a few paragraphs, enough to move the story along, but barely.
  3. I did all of my vacation writing on my Google Chromebook. I’ve come to really like the device for writing. But I’ve also noticed it can be a bit slow to move around within larger documents. So I took to breaking up my story into 10,000-word chunks. The documents do not bog down at this length and I can move within them much more easily. And I can easily tell how long the story has grown by counting the total number of documents.
  4. I had expected to write more on vacation, but I was working on a section of the story that was particularly slow and sticky. Had I been able to move past that section before vacation onto what I am working on now, I think I might have doubled my effort.
  5. I was a bit outside the routine I’d built up for myself and that might have had some effect on my overall output.

None of this says anything about the quality of the writing. To this I cannot speak at the moment. It is first draft material. Some of it is pretty good, some of it is pretty bad, but the story is taking shape and that is the important part.

Next week will be interesting. I will be in Laramie, Wyoming for the Launchpad Astronomy Workshop. Unlike our vacation in Maine, I will be there without the kids. It will be interesting to see how that affects my writing. I imagine waking early to write, attending the various lectures and workshop events, and then doing some more writing before bed. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.



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