100,247 Words

Last night, I passed the 100,000 word-mark in my (now) 125 consecutive day writing streak. 100,000 words is often the target length of a novel in the science fiction world, so my writing total over the last 125 days has been equivalent to that of writing a draft of a novel. This averages out to just over 800 words/day. I am to write 500 words each day. Sometimes I don’t hit that target, but usually I do, and often I exceed it.

This does not mean I have written the draft of a novel. My writing over the last 125 days has centered around one long story (and continuing to get longer each day) and one shorter story. It also includes all of the nonfiction writing that I do, including my book review columns, and articles I’ve been commissioned to write for various editors.

I’m particularly pleased that I’ve been able to continue my streak during my vacation. I thought it would be tough, but I’ve found that I can get some writing done early in the day and that takes the pressure off getting as much done at night when I am tired from , you know, vacationing.

Incidentally, extrapolated for an entire year, my average daily writing over the last 125 days would amount to 292,000 words for the year. I mention this because I have been able to maintain this pace for the last 125 days, despite a full time day job, and two little kids. It means carving out 30 minutes each day. If you are struggling to find time to write and think you need more than 30 minutes, I’m here to tell you no so. In 30 minutes/day I can produce nearly 300,000 words a year. I’m already 1/3rd of the way there.



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