Alarmfail 2011

I use my iPhone as my alarm clock. I rarely need an alarm clock because I generally wake up when I want to, but I set it as a backup. It has a soft harp sound that won’t wake Kelly and I can have an alarm for weekdays and weekends. Last night I set my alarm for 5am.

I woke at 5:20am and my alarm hadn’t gone off. I got up, went downstairs, made breakfast and set about my writing work for the day, mildly annoyed that I lost 20 minutes.

Turns out, there is a major bug in iPhone alarms in 2011. Apple is working on a fix, but until then, the best solution I’ve seen is this one. What’s even more annoying for me is that the fix will no doubt be released as iOS 4.2.1 or something like that. And since my iPhone connects to my old PowerPC iMac, I can’t get the update because it is not supported in iTunes on the PowerPC anymore. I have 3 choices in the short term:

  1. Live with the workaround
  2. See if I can buy a version of OS 10.5 which will allow me to continue to use the most recent iTunes and receive updates for my phone
  3. Get a new computer

My iMac is limping along and is nearly 7 years old. I probably should get a new computer, but the iMac is only used as our desktop server. I have a MacBook which is up-to-date. I suppose another option would be to kill the iMac, take it offline and use my MacBook as our “server” in the short term, until I’m ready to replace the desktop machine. I plan on replacing it with a Mac Mini, but I ‘m not yet ready to spend the money on it.

All of this because the stupid alarm clock won’t work on the iPhone. Bad Apple. Go stand in the corner for the rest of the day.


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