What to read after Connie Willis’ Blackout/All Clear

Gathering Storm.jpg

Last week I discussed how Connie Willis’ Blackout/All Clear was made of awesome and the problems I have with rebound books after such a terrific read. Well, I finally found something to sink my teeth into after those amazing books:

I am now reading Winston Churchill’s The Gathering Storm (on the Kindle, of course).

Connie’s rich descriptions of life in London during the Blitz made me want to stay there for a while. I didn’t know of any other science fiction off the top of my head that takes place in this setting, but in addition to science fiction, I love to read history and what better place to go than the first volume of Churchill’s own history of WW-II (which, incidentally, is just about the same length as Connie Willis’ All Clear).

I imagine this will be my main reading for the next couple of weeks, although I’ll be peaking at short fiction along the way. I started the book a few days ago and got distracted with chores, but what I have read so far is very promising. Not quite Connie Willis, but it puts me in the same setting which is part of what I was looking for.


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