Notes on the schedule for my Vacation in the Golden Age of SF

The first 9 issues of Golden Age Astounding are being shipping or are about to be shipped to me. I imagine they will arrive sometime next week. Assuming that to be the case, here are my plans for the scheduling of this little project:

  • Attempt to read 1 issue/week
  • Expect the blog post about the issue to appear on the Monday morning after I finish it. So if I start the July 1939 issue on Monday, January 23, you can expect my post on that issue to appear on Monday, January 31.

Why only 1 issue/week?

  • In addition to this “vacation”, I also write science fiction (which pays for the collection of these old Astounding‘s) , have a full time day job, as well as various family responsibilities. I will try to stick to my proposed schedules but any of these other items could get in the way.
  • I don’t want to rush through the issues, but rather savor them. Remember, this is a vacation through the Golden Age.
  • Once I get started, if I find the pace too fast or too slow, I will adjust accordingly.

One additional caveat to the proposed schedule:

  • At times, it may be hard to get my hands on a particular issue. I think I’ve given myself enough lead time, but in the case that I can’t get the issue I want, I’ll hold off posting until I do get the issue. That could introduce some further delays

Once I know for certain when the first batch of magazines will arrive, I’ll post a more current schedule, listing my planned post dates for the first half dozen issues or so. As it stands, an issue a week will get me to December 1950 in just about 2 years. If anyone has suggestions on a better schedule for this, I’m all ears.

And as a reminder, those curious about which issues I have already obtained, and which are still needed: the list can be found here.


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