Upcoming schedule for Vacation in the Golden Age posts

I’ve had a number of questions about when various issues of my Vacation in the Golden Age would be covered. The short answer is that I am doing one issue a week. I started with the July 1939 issue and plan on working through the December 1950 issue. That’s 137 issues, which means 137 weeks. That being said, I have added estimated post dates to the issues on the Vacation in the Golden Age index page up to my first gap–which at present is the June 1940 issue. While I would love to be able to do more than one a week, time simply doesn’t permit it. Besides, I’m not really trying to rush this. I’m trying to savor the time I spent with my nose buried in the yellowed pages of these magazines. As I fill in the gaps, I’ll add more dates. Keep in mind that these date could change but I am working hard to stick to a weekly schedule.

I am also working on an index of authors and stories that will link back to the appropriate posts, but it may be a little while before I finish that.


  1. Interesting stuff. I think we’ve got all the details at ISFDB already, although it would be difficult to create the index of authors and stories unless you download and query the raw data. I might give that a go myself.

    1. Oh, that’s an interesting idea. It hadn’t occurred to me, despite relying on ISFDB pretty heavily to look up authors whose names I’d never heard of. I love ISFDB, by the way, you guys have a great system. 🙂


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