Adventures of the HOA: Episode 4, where our Hero saves the day!

I attended my 4th homeowners association meeting last night. I arrived at the library meeting room a few minutes before the meeting was scheduled to begin. At exactly 6:30, three people came into the room: three of our five board members. We have 78 owners in our association. If you exclude the board members, exactly 1 owner showed up to this meeting: me.

It made for a slightly awkward meeting, but despite that, I stuck it out for the entire 2-1/2 hours. And at one point, I even saved the day, sort of.

The board was reviewing bills, passing motions to pay said bills, seconding the motions, etc. One bill was for snow removal. Our treasurer wondered how much of our snow removal budget was spent and went to check–only to discover that she’d forgotten to bring the budget with her.

I quietly pulled out my iPhone. I tapped open Evernote, did a quick search for the HOA tag. Among the documents it listed in its search results was the 2011 budget. I zoomed into the document and handed the phone to the treasurer to review her numbers. I think they were all impressed that I could call the document up so quickly. I explained how I have been going paperless this year. Indeed, when I get documents (like the 2011 budget in the mail), I scan them in, create note for them in Evernote, tag them, and then toss the originals. Clutter is kept to a minimum and I can find stuff like that without digging through a file cabinet–I don’t even have to be home.

Still, it was mildly disappointing to see that 4 out of 78 homeowners showed up to the meeting. But I was glad I could do my part to help out.

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  1. Hello Jamie this is Ron from Evernote. I came across your post and wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for sharing how you’re using Evernote. Great to hear that the whole paperless experiment is working out for you. If you have some time i’d like to hear more about how the paperless new year is going and the details. Please drop me an email and we we can connect.



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