One long, endless day, minus five minutes

Yesterday was one of those days that doesn’t quit. Here is a rundown of the day:

  • Up at 6:30am
  • Took the Little Man to school early
  • Arrived at the office around 7:45
  • Worked more or less continuously all morning
  • Never got a chance to take a lunch break. Grabbed some food and worked through lunch
  • Had an afternoon full of meetings
  • Left the office at 5pm and home by around 5:20pm
  • Ran upstairs to take a shower
  • Ran downstairs and dashed off to the store to get a few things for Kelly
  • Got back home, heated some leftover Thai food, wolfed it down
  • Rushed out the door and drove to the local library for our homeowners association meeting
  • Parked the car, turned everything off, and just sat there with my eyes closed for 5 minutes
  • Went into the library. Attended the meeting. 3 board members and me; none of the other 74 homeowners showed up
  • Got home 2-1/2 hours later. Now 9pm.
  • Took care of a few chores (switching laundry around, etc.)
  • Wrote today’s blog posts
  • Answered various personal email
  • And at 10:26pm, I called it a night, headed upstairs with the 11/39 issue of Astounding

I saw the Little Man for a grand total of 30 minutes yesterday. Today it starts all over. I need to cram in some critiquing for the writers group this evening. Head home after work, grab some food and then head to the writers group. And on and on it goes.

Granted, things are not always this wall-to-wall busy, but there is a noticeable tension in my shoulders and neck. My back aches a bit. And what sounds ideal right about now is to be sitting on a beach in Hawaii, trade winds blowing, a Mai-Tai at my side, and an old issue of Astounding flapping gently in the breeze.

Well, one can dream, anyway.


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