A little science fiction fan, redux

A week ago, I talked about my little boy’s fondness for Rogers covers of old Astounding Science Fiction. I’m happy to report that his fervor continues to grow. Every time he comes into the office, he points to the stacks of Astounding’s on one side of my desk and says, “Eh-pane!” (airplane!) He won’t quit until I’ve pulled out the May 1941 issue and show him the Rogers cover, at which point he smiles, claps his little hands gleefully together and says, “Eh-pane!” We go through this routine constantly and so today I decided to tackle the problem in a practical way, using a bit of modern technology and an old school hammer, nail and level.


Now, in addition to the various monkeys and lions and giraffes that pepper the walls of his bedroom, he has his first science fiction art. It is oriented so that when he is laying down in his crib, he can look up at it easily and call out, “Eh-pane!” to his little heart’s content.

I’m already trying to predict which cover (and which artist) will be next. Any takers?


  1. Hopefully not a science-fictional one, though. There’s always some crazy thing going on with those science fiction starship pilots in order to drive the plot forward… 🙂


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