Short fiction I read in April 2012

April was not a good month for short fiction. The stories were great, but I didn’t have time to read many. This was, in part, due to the fact that I spent much of April doing my annual reading of Isaac Asimov’s autobiography. Between that and the reading I do for my Vacation in the Golden Age, there simply wasn’t any time left over. Here is the short fiction I read in April:

  1. Heritage by Robert Abernathy (Astounding, June 1942). [4/1/2012]
  2. This Rough Magic by Christie Yant (Daily SF, 4/3/12). [4/3/12]
  3. Secret Unattainable by A. E. van Vogt (Astounding, July 1942). [4/4/2012]
  4. Brimstone Bill by Malcolm Jameson (Astounding, July 1942). [4/8/2012]
  5. The Contraband Cow by L. Sprague de Camp (Astounding, July 1942). [4/8/2012]
  6. Waiting at the Alter by Jack McDevitt (Asimov’s, June 2012). [4/25/2012]
  7. Robot Dreams by Isaac Asimov [4/26/2012]
  8. Penance Cruise by David V. Reed (Astounding, July 1942). [4/27/2012]
  9. Space Can by L. Ron Hubbard (Astounding, July 1942) [4/27/2012]
  10. Collision Orbit by Jack Williamson (as by Will Stewart) (Astounding, July 1942) [4/28/2012]
  11. The Strange Case of the Missing Hero by Frank Holby (Astounding, July 1942) [4/28/2012]
  12. De Gustibus by Randall Hale (Astounding, July 1942) [4/28/2012]
  13. The Mysterious Bomb Raid by Bob Tucker (Astounding, July 1942) [4/29/2012]
  14. About Quarrels, About the Past by John Pierce (Astounding, July 1942) [4/29/2012]
  15. The Qwerty of Hrothgar by Creighton Buck (Astounding, July 1942) [4/29/2012]
  16. Eat, Drink and Be Wary by Ray Bradbury (Astounding, July 1942) [4/29/2012]
  17. The Floater by Sheldon G. Thomas (Astounding, July 1942) [4/29/2012]
  18. Tools by Clifford D. Simak (Astounding, July 1942) [4/29/2012]

And as always, if you are looking for inexpensive entertainment, a subscription to one of the many terrific science fiction and fantasy magazines out there is cheaper than an evening out at the movies.


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