Short fiction I read in May 2012

This month’s reading was better than last month, but it was of much narrower focus. I read almost nothing that came out recently until last night, when I started Allen Steele’s latest story in the July Asimov’s. I might also have read even more short fiction were it not for several other things keeping me busy this month, including reading a new novel. Here is the short fiction I read in May:

  1. Waldo by Robert Heinlein (as by Anson MacDonald) (Astounding, August 1942) [5/6/2012]
  2. Deadlock by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore (Astounding, August 1942) [5/8/2012]
  3. Non-Zero Probabilities by N. K. Jemisin (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/8/2012]
  4. Faithful Soldier, Prompted by Saladin Ahmed (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/8/2012]
  5. Arvies by Adam-Troy Castro (Million Writers Award Anthology) [5/8/2012]
  6. Jackdaw by Ross Rocklynne (Astounding, August 1942) [5/9/2012]
  7. There’s a Hole in the City by Richard Bowes (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/10/2012]
  8. The Tome of Tourmaline by Ken Liu (Daily SF, 5/9/2012) [5/10/2012]
  9. Time Marches On by Ted Carnell (Astounding, August 1942) [5/11/2012]
  10. Ray of Light by Brad R. Torgersen (Analog, December 2011) [5/11/2012]
  11. Horus Ascending by Aliette de Bodard (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/11/2012]
  12. The Link  by Cleve Cartmill (Astounding, August 1942) [5/12/2012]
  13. Killigan’s Lunar Legacy by Norman L. Knight (Astounding, August 1942) [5/12/2012]
  14. The Image of Annihilation by Jack Speer (Astounding, August 1942) [5/12/2012]
  15. Destiny and Uncle Louis by Joseph Gilbert (Astounding, August 1942) [5/12/2012]
  16. The Anecdote of the Negative Wugus by L. Sprague de Camp (Astounding, August 1942) [5/12/2012]
  17. Impediment by Hal Clement (Astounding, August 1942) [5/13/2012]
  18. Blue Ink by Yoon Ha Lee (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/14/2012]
  19. Fields of Gold by Rachel Swirsky (Eclipse Four) [5/18/2012]
  20. Eros, Philia, Agape by Rachel Swirsky (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/19/2012]
  21. A Song to Greet the Sun by Alaya Dawn Johnson (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/19/2012]
  22. Time to Say Goodnight by Caroline M. Yoachim (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/20/2012]
  23. The Fisherman’s Wife by Jenny Williams (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/22/2012]
  24. Intertropical Convergence Zone by Nadia Bulkin (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/22/2012]
  25. Urchins, While Swimming by Catherynne M. Valente (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/23/2012]
  26. The Shagri-La Affair by Lavie Tidhar (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/23/2012]
  27. Elegy for a Young Elk by Hannu Rajaniemi (Million Writers Awards Anthology) [5/23/2012]

And as always, if you are looking for inexpensive entertainment, a subscription to one of the many terrific science fiction and fantasy magazines out there is cheaper than an evening out at the movies.


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