Articles I read in May 2012

Early in May I started keeping track of the significant non-fiction articles I read, just like I keep track of the short fiction I read (to say nothing of the books I read). I started partway through the month, but I figured I’d report out those as well, for anyone who might be interested. This was a fairly slow month of article-reading mostly because I was busy with other types of reading. And when I say “article” I mean an article of substance. I’m not talking about the editorials at the opening of the science magazines, but the in-depth articles they contain. I’m not talking about a micro-review in a media magazine, but an in-depth interview or profile. And as with the short fiction lists, I’ve bolded those articles I find particularly good. Here are the articles I read in May:

  1. The Devil and Gregg Allman (excerpt) by Gregg Allman (Rolling Stone, 5/10/2012) [5/11/2012]
  2. The World According to Money by Paul Solotaroff (Rolling Stone, 5/10/2012) [5/11/2012]
  3. Ready for the Fight by Jann S. Wenner (Rolling Stone, 5/10/2012) [5/11/2012]
  4. Levon Helm by Mikal Gilmore (Rolling Stone, 5/10/2012) [5/11/2012]
  5. Bombing is a Fine Art by Willy Ley (Astounding, August 1942) [5/12/2012]
  6. Master of the Game by Brian Hyatt (Rolling Stone, 5/24/2012) [5/12/2012]
  7. The Hand Behind the Throne by Gavin Edwards (Rolling Stone, 5/24/2012) [5/12/2012]
  8. The Many Lives of Adam Yauch by Brian Hyatt (Rolling Stone, 6/7/2012) [5/28/2012]
  9. This Year’s Girls by Vanessa Grigoriadis (Rolling Stone, 6/7/2012) [5/28/2012]
  10. Maurice Sendak: King of the Wild Things by Jonathan Cott (Rolling Stone, 1976) [5/28/2012]
  11. Take Me Home by Ray Bradbury (New Yorker, June 4 & 11, 2012) [5/29/2012]
  12. The Golden Age by Ursula K. Le Guin (New Yorker, June 4 & 11, 2012) [5/29/2012]

I think I might have gotten in some science magazine reading prior to May 10, but as you can see, I finally discovered Rolling Stone and was more or less obsessed with that magazine for the rest of the month.

Every one of the non-fiction magazines to which I subscribe come in electronic format. For those interested in the nonfiction magazines I try to read each month, here is the list:

My nonfiction subscriptions:


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