What I read in June 2012

I’ve decided to consolidate my monthly reading posts into a single posts covering short fiction, magazine articles, and books. It seems to me that one post is more efficient than three and can be just as easily organized. And it has the added benefit of allowing me to list everything for the month in a single place.

To my great surprise, I read very little short fiction in June, the first time that has happened since I started keeping track of my short fiction reading back in September 2011. This was due in part to the fact that I had some book review obligations to meet; it was due in part to the fact that I am taking a break from my Vacation in the Golden Age posts; and it is due in part to time constraints and other commitments. I also read few articles in June, but I expect both of these to change in July–indeed, I’ve already read both short fiction and articles this month.

Short fiction

  1. Alive and Well, and Far From Anywhere by Allen Steele (Asimov’s, July 2012) [6/1/2012]
  2. The Girl in the Park by Robert Reed (Asimov’s, July 2012) [6/1/2012]
  3. Bright Lights by Robert Reed (Strange Horizons, 5/7/2012) [6/1/2012]
  4. Donner Summit by Harry Turtledove (Analog, July/August 2012) [6/3/2012]


  1. “A Q&A with George R. R. Martin” by Adam Duerson (Sports Illustrated Website) [6/3/2012]
  2. “Still Crazy After  All These Years” by Erik Hedegaard (Rolling Stone, 6/21/2012) [6/8/2012]
  3. “John Mayer’s Regrets” by Josh Eells (Rolling Stone, 6/21/2012) [6/8/2012]
  4. “The Beach Boys’ Last Wave” by Jason Fine (Rolling Stone, 6/21/2012) [6/9/2012]


  1. Night Raider (Lone Wolf #1) by Barry N. Malzberg (as by Mike Barry) [6/8/2012]
  2. Taft 2012: A Novel by Jason Heller [6/26/2012]
  3. Redshirts: A Novel with 3 Codas by John Scalzi [6/27/2012]

And as always, if you are looking for inexpensive entertainment, a subscription to one of the many terrific science fiction and fantasy magazines out there is cheaper than an evening out at the movies.


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