What I Read in October 2012

I‘m a little behind getting this post out, but part of the reason is that I have now partially automated the process of generating these posts–something which I will discuss in my Going Paperless tips post next week. Remember that items in bold are recommended. And a (^) indicates a re-read.

It is also worth noting that Jack McDevitt and Mike Resnick’s The Cassandra Project was the 500th book I’ve read since 1996.

With that out of the way, here is what I read in October

Short Fiction

  1. Overthrow by Cleve Cartmill (Astounding, November 1942) [10/2/2012]
  2. Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption^ by Stephen King (Different Seasons) [10/4/2012]
  3. Sojourn for Ephah by Marina Lostetter (InterGalactic Medicine Show, September 2012) [10/5/2012]
  4. My Mother’s Body by Christie Yant (Daily Science Fiction, 10/18/2012) [10/18/2012]
  5. A Handful of Glass, A Sky Without Stars by Damien Walters Grintalis (Daily Science Fiction, 10/26/2012) [10/26/2012]

In addition to those five stories, I also read 3 stories from fellow writers for critique and feedback.


  1. Editorial: Sneak Invasion by John W. Campbell (Astounding, November 1942) [10/2/2012]
  2. Art of Speculation: An Interview with Stanley Schmidt (Locus, October 2012) [10/3/2012]
  3. Inversions: An Interview with Kij Johnson (Locus, October 2012) [10/5/2012]
  4. America’s Science Problem by Shawn Lawrence Otto (Scientific American, November 2012) [10/18/2012]
  5. To Track My Thief by David Pogue (Scientific American, November 2012) [10/18/2012]
  6. Death by Graham Lawton (New Scientist, 10/20/2012) [10/19/2012]
  7. Plight of the Living Dead by Dick Teresi (New Scientist, 10/20/2012) [10/19/2012]
  8. The Quest for Immortality by Stephen Cave (New Scientist, 10/20/2012) [10/19/2012]
  9. Earthly Remains by Caroline Williams (New Scientist, 10/20/2012) [10/19/2012]
  10. Don’t Fear the Reaper by Shelly Kagan (New Scientist, 10/20/2012) [10/19/2012]
  11. Taylor In Wonderland by Brian Hiatt (Rolling Stone, 10/25/2012) [10/20/2012]
  12. Rod’s Wild Years (Excerpt) by Rod Steward (Rolling Stone, 10/25/2012) [10/20/2012]
  13. A League of His Own by Josh Eells (Rolling Stone, 11/8/2012) [10/26/2012]
  14. The Value of Failing (From Someone Who Never Did) by Joanna Castle Miller (Writer’s Digest, Nov/Dec 2012) [10/29/2012]
  15. George R. R. Martin: At the Top of His Game by Rich Shivener (Writer’s Digest, Nov/Dec 2012) [10/29/2012]


  1. The Cassandra Project by Jack McDevitt and Mike Resnick (Ace) [10/11/2012]
  2. Apollo’s Outcasts by Allen Steele1 (Pyr) [10/31/2012]

And as always, if you are looking for inexpensive entertainment, a subscription to one of the many terrific science fiction and fantasy magazines out there is cheaper than an evening out at the movies.

Get your short fiction fix:

My nonfiction subscriptions:

* Denotes magazines to which I have an active subscription.

  1. I’ve reviewed both of these books in my Science of Wonder book review column at InterGalactic Medicine Show later this month. 


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