I’ve arrived in L.A.

Though it is early afternoon here in the Pacific Standard timezone, it has already been a long day for me. I was up at 4:30am Eastern Standard to catch a 7am flight from Dulles to Los Angeles. I swear, the older I get the longer that flight seems to take. Actual elapsed time was about 5-1/2 hours, but it felt like a week. Reading the first story in the January 1940 issue of Astounding helped. But ugh. It’s a long flight. I know I shouldn’t complain. After all, I am speeding through the air in excess of 400 knots and can cross a continent in about the time it would take me to drive to Connecticut. Still…

I knew I’d arrived in L.A. when the driver who met me at the airport said, “It’s been cold here. I was doing Oscar runs last night and it got down into the low 30s and upper 40s.”

I was checked into my hotel by 10:30am local time, and headed into the office which is where I am now for another couple of hours. This evening I get to have dinner with Lisa who I don’t think I’ve seen since the wedding more than two years ago.

Boy I miss the Little Man and Kelly, though!


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