Dental drama: a 100-hour followup

It’s been roughly 100 hours since my upper-left wisdom tooth was pulled. Today was the first relatively normal day in terms of eating. I ate my usual fare and there was very little discomfort. Most of the residual pain seems to occur when I open my mouth wide to take a bite of something. I also took no Advil today but that was probably a mistake because by about 4pm, the gap in my gum was really starting to ache. When I got home I finally took some pain medicine.

It was a very busy day, what with my online training class (5-hours on the phone!) and that made me absent-minded. Until this minute, I forgot to take my antibiotics all day long. So I have a few to tack on at the end of the series.

Aside from that, the gum still feels kind of soft when I run my tongue against it, but otherwise, I think it is mostly healed, just as the dentist said it would. Not a whole lot of new drama to report and let’s hope it stays that way.


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