And since I mentioned my birthday…

Since I mentioned my birthday in the previous post, I ought to mention that it is this coming Sunday. Last year, I took advantage of the day as an excuse to self-indulgently abstain from the Internet for a period of 24 hours. I plan on doing the same this year. I think I deserve one day a year completely out of touch with the Internet, where I don’t feel a compulsive need to check email or blog stats. Or carry my iPhone around with me so that I can respond to a tweet the moment it comes in. In fact, I tend to take the day off from the computer entirely. No writing, no browsing. Just one day off to do absolutely anything I want that doesn’t involve high technology.

Since I usually do my Golden Age write-ups on Sunday that poses a bit of a problem. But I have a bit of a solution: I plan on finishing early this week, doing my write-up on Saturday and scheduling the post to be released Sunday evening. I will likely write a few other posts scheduled for release earlier on Sunday, but if you are looking for me online, Sunday, March 27 would not be the day to do it.

I’ll have more to say about my birthday on the day itself (scheduled post, of course).

Just a little heads-up to all my Internet pals.


  1. This will be the day the world ends, you know that right? Oh you would have had the power to stop it, but you couldn’t, because the only way you would’ve known you could is if you received a tweet. Think about it…

  2. Sara, no never heard of International Day of Unplugging. I just do this once a year and soak in the peace and quiet.

    Libby, well ever superheroes have to take a break sometimes. 😉


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