My Astounding SF collection for 1941 is complete

Astounding July 1941.jpg

I received word today that the 5 issues I was missing for 1941 have shipped and so my Astounding collection for 1941 is complete. This means I now have enough issues of Astounding to get through Episode 29 (mid-August 2011) of my Vacation in the Golden Age without a gap. (And for those who know their Astounding lore, the famous September 1941 issue is slated for Episode 26 which is schedule for release on August 1.) Some of the more famous pieces from 1941 include the Heinlein serials, Sixth Column (as Anson MacDonald), Methuselah’s Children and E. E. Smith’s Second Stage Lensman. Also some of Isaac Asimov’s early Robot stories including “Reason” and “Liar!”

I also have a line on 10 of the 12 issues for 1942. 1942 is an exciting year because the first of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation stories begin appearing that year. Ironically, the line I have includes all the issues except May and June, which of course, contain the first two Foundation stories. I mention this in case anyone is wracking their brain trying to figure out what to get me for my birthday. 😉 The contents of issues in 1942 begin to look like a listing of what today we consider to be the superstars of science fiction. If I can complete 1942, that gives me enough issues to get through Episode 41, which would come right about November 14, 2011.


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