Santa Monica, Day 2

My sleep last night was par for the course for a travel day. I generally don’t sleep well when I’m business travel and that has recently been further complicated by the fact that I really miss Kelly and the Little Man when I travel. Our time zone differences and bed times make it so that we really can’t connect at any point during the day. So my sleep last night was mediocre at best and then I was up at 5 am and into the office by 6 am.

Today was day one of the work-related training I was sent out here to attend. We started at 7:30 am and finished up at 3 pm and that included a working lunch, so it was a pretty long day. What added to it was the fact that we were in a conference room that had no windows. For some reason, all day long I imagined it to be dreary, gloomy and rainy out, when in fact it was bright and sunny out.

Despite the fact that I flew out here to attend work-related training, I was really looking forward to going out to dinner this evening with some of my oldest friends. Lisa, Andy and Mandy still live in L.A. but Eric and Ryane live in New York and it just happened to work out that we were all out here at the same time. So we went to dinner at a restaurant called Street that Eric suggested and it was an absolutely fabulous dinner. I thought of it as tapas, but Eric calls it “small plate”. And the truth is, he is the expert. He will be posting about our dinner soon enough and I’ll provide a link to his review. You’ll get a much better idea about just how good the food was from him.

But as far as the company goes, it was tops. It was really great to see everyone, talk spend a few hours together and catch up.

Actually, I spent a few more hours with Lisa. She picked me up at my hotel at 5pm and it took us 2 hours in L.A. traffic to get to the restaurant. We were supposed to go up to Sherman Oaks to visit Eric and Ryane before dinner but we would never have made it time so we aborted and headed for the restaurant–and arrived at 7pm on the dot. The traffic here is certainly one thing I don’t miss.

Second and final day of class is tomorrow and when it is over, I’m taking a break until I get home on Saturday evening. A well-deserved break, I should think.


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