30 day song challenge, day 6: a song that reminds you of somewhere

For whatever reason, I associate many songs with very specific places and events. I hear the song and it can sometimes seems as if I am back at the point in time in my memory. What is even freakier is that sometimes it will feel like the particular place or event happened yesterday; I can see all of the details in my mind as if it had just happened, like I was just there. So in scrambling through my memory to pick one of the many songs that remind me of “somewhere” I ended up going with:

Broken Hearts by Living Colour

Whenever I hear this song, I find myself transported back in time to the spring of 1989. I’m driving my parent’s white Nissan Stanza southbound on Tampa Avenue in the San Fernando Valley, on my way to meet friends at Corbin Bowl. There is a tape deck in the car and in the tape deck is a well worn cassette of Living Colour’s Vivid, and for some reason, I hear this song playing. In fact, I cannot hear this song without instantly being transported back to this time. In many respects it was an idyllic time, in the Douglas Spaulding sense of the word. It was the beginning of my “rocket summer” and I will be revisiting this time and place on future days in this challenge.

I was having a blast with my friends–the same friends that I was out to dinner with last night–and it was just at this time that I began thinking that in around a year, we’d be graduating from high school and going our separate ways. Or as the lyrics in the song allude to:

I never really thought that it would come to this
Sometimes the things you lose are often the things you miss

It’s amusing to look and see that this concerned me so much, especially since we are all still good friends, some 25 years later. And in case it isn’t clear, the place that this song reminds me of is most certainly a “happy place”.


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