Santa Monica, day 3: the bloody sock

Another mostly crappy night’s sleep last night with strange dreams that I can’t remember but which kept waking me up every few hours. I finally gave up around 4:50am and headed into the office around 5:30 to try to get some extra work done.

My right sneaker has been rubbing at my heel in an uncomfortable way for some reason and when I got to the office this morning, I decided to check it out to see what the problem was. I found my sock soaked in blood from a blister. I still don’t know what changed with the shoe but I decided I should probably get some new ones. The problem is I am pretty cheap when it comes to clothes and shoes and in truth, Kelly is the one who generally buys me clothes. As it turns out, sales tax in Santa Monica is 10.25% and there’s no way in Hades that I’m paying that much tax for shoes when 24 hours later I can pay 5% in Virginia. So I’m suffering with the blister–but not too much as you will soon see.

Another full day of training class beginning at 7:30am. At least today we didn’t have a working lunch and at lunch time, I grabbed some food from the cafe and then headed out into the sunlight (our conference room had no windows) and allowed myself to soak in the rays much like Superman soaking in the yellow sun to rejuvenate.

After work, I went out for a drink with my cool boss at a brand new bar in Santa Monica called Misfit. We had a nice time there but we had to part ways at 6:30. You see, with all the stress that has been building up from work, I finally gave into temptation and scheduled a massage for myself: my first in nearly 3 years. I scheduled it right around the corner from the bar at Burke Williams. I schedule an 80-minute Swedish deep tissue massage beginning at 7pm. It was wonderful. The masseuse used those hot stones and everything. I feel so much better afterward. In fact, the only problem was that 80 minutes seemed to fly by as quickly as 50 minutes. After the massage I made use of the great facilities they had there. I took a steam, sat in the super-hot sauna for 10 minutes (I’m not kidding–I could feel the heat inside my nose), and then showered and walked back to the hotel. Really, I feel 150% better. It was well worth it.

Now, I’m all packed and ready to return home in the morning. I have an 9am flight, and I’m schedule to arrive at Dulles around 5pm. Hopefully I’ll be home around 6pm. I miss Kelly and the Little Man and am anxious to see them.

I’m spending the rest of the evening vacationing in the Golden Age of science fiction.


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