Weekend update

A few items to get you all caught up on our weekend (so far):

  1. I watched the Smallville series finale Friday night. It was phenomenal.
  2. I had a day off yesterday. I’ve been working long hours, including weekends and yesterday I didn’t have to work, and Kelly was kind enough to take charge of the Little Man and entertain him for most of the day. (She took him to the National Zoo, which he loved, of course.) It did me a lot of good to not have to do anything that required much thinking yesterday.
  3. That’s not to say I did nothing. In addition to finally cleaning up the shattered mirror on the upstairs hall bathroom floor, I also spent 3 hours trimming bushes, pruning plants, and generally neatening up the flora that decorates the front of our house. It was a huge effort, as it turns out. I filled three large trash bags with various clipping. And I woke up with sore shoulders this morning.
  4. While doing the above yard work, I listened to the Big 40 countdown on Sirius XM’s 80s on 8. This week, they counted down the top 40 for this week in 1980 and it was a very interesting countdown. There was a blending of what was 70s-disco and pop and what would eventually become the signature 80s sound (“Call Me” by Blondie was the #1 song.)
  5. I managed to get 85% of the way through Game of Thrones. I have a seriously difficult time putting that book down. Despite having two weeks to read each Astounding issue, I found myself racing today to finish up the September 1940 issue. I’d gotten further behind than I’d like because of the GRRM book.
  6. I did end up finishing the September 1940 Astounding–a very good issue–and I’ve started my write up for Episode 15, which should go live around midnight Eastern tonight.
  7. For two days now, we’ve been weaning the Little Man off his morning bottle. For a while now, he’s been drinking milk from a sippy cup during the day and at night when he goes to bed. The morning bottles were the last and what we anticipated to be the most difficult. But on Saturday morning and again this morning, he has done without the bottles. It hasn’t been easy. He’s asked for them and we’ve provided him with milk in a sippy cup. But he’s still adjusting.
  8. Possibly related to this: the Little Man had his first “time out” yesterday. We didn’t call it a “time-out” (my pal Tom suggests I call it putting him in the Phantom Zone). He was hitting me with something–keys I think. We both told him that it was wrong to hit. But he kept at it. So I calmly picked him up, set him in the chair in the TV room and told him that he needed to sit there for a few minutes because he was hitting. He got the idea at once; I know he did because he burst into tears. But he also hasn’t hit since.
  9. But he is a clever Little Man. He woke up at 6:30 this morning sounding mostly cheerful, but when I retrieved him from his crib, he was sporting a 102.2 fever that eventually peaked at nearly 104. We took him to the local emergency room as a precaution (his pediatrician is closed today). The ER is at the hospital at which he was born and specialize in children. We were in and out in half an hours (yes, 30 minutes!). Probably a virus, nothing to worry about. Okay to up his dosage of Ibuprofen and since doing that he’s been much better.
  10. We are having several friends over tonight to barbecue. I’m making grilling chicken, burgers and hot dogs. I’ve made some guacamole as well. I’m cooking up a bunch of corn on the cob and Kelly and the Little Man made some brownies. And since our friends arrive in less than an hour, I should probably get back to preparations.

Next weekend is the Nebulas and Kelly and I are making a date-night of the Nebula dinner and banquet.

Hope you’ve been having a relaxing weekend!


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