My iPad has arrived!

It was originally supposed to ship today and be delivered on May 31. Then I was notified that it shipped on May 22 with a delivery date of May 26. But when I checked this morning, I saw that it was out on the FedEx truck for delivery! I rushed home at 9am, since I’d have to be there to sign for it, and the FedEx driver showed up around 11am with the new device. Here it is before I even opened the box:


And here is a picture I took contrasting both levels of technology as well as styles and genres of writing:


In case it’s not clear, on the left is my new iPad running the Kindle app and open to the current page of a little boy called Clash of Kings. On the right is a pulp science fiction magazine from October 1940 featuring a Rogers’ cover for Part 2 of A. E. van Vogt’s Slan.

And of course, I couldn’t resist having this done:


The laser etching read: Jamie Todd Rubin, Science Fiction Writer.

Now, I haven’t had much time to use it and no, I am not writing this post on the iPad. That would be silly since I’m sitting in front of a perfectly good computer. But I will be posting from the iPad in the future. As I’ve said earlier, I’m looking to see how much of my daily computer tasks can be transferred from the laptop to the iPad, be it writing fiction, blog posts, reading, taking notes, social networking, etc. Eventually I’ll post about my experience with each of these, but for now, I am going to see how easy (or hard) the transition away from laptop to iPad will really be. And of course I’ll post some “first impressions” shortly.


  1. I’m making this post via an iPad, because I’m on the road, and I wrote my first blog post yesterday using only my iPad. It is a bit annoying in some aspects, but it is possible, and a heck of a lot lighter.

    Have fun Jamie, and don’t play the games, you don’t have the time. Still waiting on that short story draft.


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