Facebook game requests

For reasons I am not clear on, I have received a flood of game requests for the various games that are played in the Facebook world. To save potential game requesters a little bit of time in the future (and to quote President Obama): “Let me be clear…”

I don’t do Facebook games.

Please don’t take this personally. It’s not that I don’t like you. It’s not that the game isn’t clever or has some kind lack of socially redeeming value. It’s not even that the time I’d spent playing the game wouldn’t be of some value. I don’t play Facebook games for the same reason I no longer watch TV (for the most part): I’m too busy with other things: family, work, and writing.

But then again, I must admit, I don’t really have a desire to play these games. I know very little about farms, and I don’t need a game to tell me that I’d be a terrible farmer. I have a fairly decent vocabulary and don’t need a game to reinforce that. (Reading and writing do this for me already.) I love games like Ultima IV and Ultima V, but I don’t think these games are available on Facebook and even if they were, I couldn’t risk playing them because I am weak and would become too easily addicted. I don’t enjoy pyramid games where I have to go recruiting other people to help me with a task. I do this enough in my day job.

The bottom line is that family, writing and work are my priorities and these fill my day from beginning to end. In order to play games on Facebook I’d have to sacrifice one of these three things and the fact is that these are too important to me to sacrifice.

So I humbly request that you save your postage and leave me off your Facebook game requests. If you think there is something I’d really like or absolutely must see, send me a message about it. But even then, odds are I just don’t have the time.

Thanks for thinking of me. It is appreciated, but folks, my dance card is full.


  1. Yeah I just block them when they get sent to me. Facebook is a networking tool to interact with friends not a game site to me either.

    1. I’ve taken to blocking them, I just wanted people who are making the requests to know that I am ignoring the game requests and not the person making them.

  2. You are absolutely right about this, facebook games steals so much of your time, but the games on facebook are really not very good ones, they are simply boring. Problem is that when so many people plays them, you want to try it also and they can be very addictive. There are always much better thinks to do than watching TV or playing games on facebook, life is simply to short to spend your time doing this.


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