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I mentioned the other day how I was backing away from Facebook in order to give myself a little more peace of mind, better focus the time I spent on social media. I’ve gotten a few questions about this, and so I thought I’d provide some clarifying points:

  • I am not quitting Facebook, I am just not reading my Facebook “stream” the way I used to. Instead, I am looking at my Facebook Writer’s Page and using that as the primary outlet on Facebook for stuff about my writing, my paperless posts, and technology stuff in general.
  • Therefore, if you want to keep up with posts about my writing, going paperless or technology posts without the clutter of personal stuff about the kids, etc, go follow (or like) my Facebook Writer’s Page.
  • Twitter is still my preferred source of social media. Everything that ends up on my Facebook Writer’s page can also be found on Twitter (thank you Buffer!). If you want to keep up with everything, writing, technology, or otherwise, follow me on Twitter (I’m @jamietr).
  • Google+ seems to be picking up steam, and I’m keeping an eye there at least once a day, but it is not easy to automatically relay posts to Google+, at least not when you have 2-factor authentication enabled. That said, I try to post a link to all of my blog posts over on Google+ for folks who mostly use that. You can click here to find me on Google+.

I will continue to make some posts to my personal Facebook page, but these will be mostly for friends and family, sharing photos, etc. They will rarely have anything to do with my writing, technology, or paperless posts going forward.

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