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With that previous post in mind, I do recognize that some people are only interested in some of the things I post on this blog, and that is perfectly fine. I try to accomodate that where I can. For instance, I have setup a separate RSS feed for my Going Paperless posts. So people who read this blog via RSS have a choice:

  1. Get all of the posts via RSS.
  2. Get just the Going Paperless posts via RSS.

I also realize that a number of people friend me on Facebook and are thus flooded with various and sundry things that make it to my wall, many of which have nothing to do with paperless lifestyle, or science fiction.  It is for that reason, that I set up a Facebook fan page, Jamie Todd Rubin – Science Fiction Writer. While all of my blog posts get linked from there, the only things that I post on the wall are things relating to science fiction. So if you are looking for a way to filter out all of the non-SF stuff I write about, or would just like a faster index to the stuff that I do write about without all of the other Facebook clutter, go “Like” Jamie Todd Rubin – Science Fiction Writer.

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  1. Have you considered setting up a Google+ community or page? The reason I mention this is that Facebook pages only get to about 10% of the people of who like them. I’m not bothered myself as I used the RSS feed (and avoid FB like the plague)


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