Going Paperless: One Year of Paperless Tips

It was one year ago that I started my Going Paperless series of posts and it’s hard to believe that the year has gone by so quickly. By my count, I’ve had posts for 50 of the last 52 weeks. So I hope you’ll forgive me if I take this week off. Instead, let me remind you that these Going Paperless posts are available in quite a few places:

If you find the posts useful, let other’s know about it. Also, if you have suggestions for a topic that you’d like to see covered in a future post, send me an email at feedback [at] jamietoddrubin dot com and I’ll try to cover the topic in a future post.

And next week, I’ll have a new tip post. In the meantime, thanks for following along, and thanks for letting me take a week off.



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