Balticon, Day 1: The bar

Because of the traffic from hell, I missed the first couple of panels I wanted to see. By the time I finally got up to the convention hotel, I needed a drink, so I headed to the bar, which was fairly packed, found a table, and ordered a beer. Eventually, folks seemed to find me and we had a fairly decent crowd throughout the late afternoon and evening. Michael J. Sullivan and his wife Robin stopped by. Bud Sparhawk passed by and then returned and stole my seat when I stepped away momentarily (which was fine–I just pulled up another). Charles E. Gannon was with us as well, and we spent the time talking shop, which was both fun and interesting. But that’s pretty much all I did on this first afternoon/evening, despite the harrowing commute up there.

The commute home took 70 minutes and I passed through one of the most incredible thunderstorms I’d ever experienced.

Tomorrow is a full day. I plan on leaving he house around 7:30am and will be gone until late into the evening. It is the only other day I will be attending Balticon, so I will do my best to keep up the tweets, as well as post some interesting stuff about the convention.

In the meantime, that earlier traffic sucked the life out of me and I’m heading upstairs to read more of the October 1940 Astounding and then sleep.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I was not the only person with an iPad 2 at the convention.

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