What I will be doing at Balticon

I will be at Balticon on Friday and Saturday. I’m not on programming, but I’m there mostly to hang out with my science fiction peeps.  I’ve read through their pocket program and selected some panels that I thought might be interesting to attend. Keep in mind that I might change my mind, especially if engrossed in conversation with someone, but here is how things are looking as of now:


  • 4pm: How to write a winning query letter
  • 7pm: Agents demystified
  • 8pm: Opening ceremonies


  • 10:30am: Michael J. Sullivan reading
  • 11am: Vincent Di Fate presentation
  • 1pm: Whose is it, anyway?
  • 2pm: Living in the Golden Age
  • 3pm: Name-droppers
  • 4pm: The rise of geek music
  • 5pm: On the shoulders of giants
  • 7pm: Great forgotten science fiction authors
  • 9pm: Concert: John Anealio

I’ll be arriving mid-afternoon on Friday. If you are looking for me, I’ll be keeping my eye on twitter, so just message me: @jamietr.



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