Some upcoming appearances

I can’t seem to find a good “Events” plug-in (at least one that I like) for WordPress, so in the meantime, here are some upcoming appearances I’ll be making over the next several months.

Nebula Award Weekend (May 19-22)

Even if I didn’t live just outside of D.C. I would go anyway. I’ve never been to a Nebula weekend and I’ve wanted to go. Good chance to meet a lot people I’ve never met before, to say nothing of those people who I have met but rarely get to see. Don’t know what I’ll be doing there yet (if anything) but I’ll be there everyday and I will be there for the banquet dinner (along with a 6-month pregnant Kelly).

Balticon (May 27-29)

I’m not on programming but I’ll be there, hanging out, sitting in on various discussions and chatting with folks. I’ll probably be there Friday and Saturday but not on Sunday.

Readercon 22 (July 14-17)

This is the first convention at which I am officially on programming. I don’t know my schedule yet but I’ve proposed at least one discussion panel to the programming committee that I hope gets selected. I’ll be there for the entire event as this is my favorite of all the conventions I’ve been to. When I have more details about my programming, I’ll post it.

I was hoping to get to World Con this year, but it takes place right around the Sibling-To-Be-Named-Later is due and that makes it a less than optimal time. And since I doubt they’d change the convention dates to suit my schedule, I’ll probably miss it this year, but I plan on attending the next WorldCon in Chicago.

Anyone else attending any of these three conventions?


    1. Libby, I’m really looking forward to Readercon. I’ve been twice before and getting to be a participant this time is really exciting. Also, it’s the best con around in my opinion with a focus strictly on written science fiction and fantasy.


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