Little Man: A Crooner

I’ve written before of how I don’t sing traditional lullabies to the Little Man. Instead, I tend to sing him Bing Crosby songs. I know many more of those songs than I do lullabies. I’ve been singing him these songs since he’s been born and for a while, they worked really well at helping him doze off. A few weeks ago, I noticed something interesting. I’d start singing him one of the songs, and he would end up singing a word or two of the song with me, as if he was actually remembering the lyrics.

And then last night, I was getting the Little Man into his pajamas and singing him a version of “Sam’s Song”. This is a catchy little tune with a nice variety of lyrics. One of the verses goes

The people that you meet
Out on the street
Are whistling, Sam’s Song

I sang the first line of this verse last night, and the Little Man got a big smile on his face and as I finished singing the word “meet”, he sang (as best as a two-year old can), “Out on the street!”

I know I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was so stunned that I just stopped singing and started laughing. So he has been paying attention all this time! Turns out he know more of the song than I would have believed, had I not heard him sing it myself.



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