Weekend update

Almost 9pm on Saturday and it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t posted yet today. Here are some things keeping me away from the keyboard:

  1. We took the Little Man out to Gravelly Point this morning to watch the early morning departures from Reagan National Airport. The first few times I took him, he was totally in awe of the big jets flying low overhead. Today I think he was more interested in the ducks.
  2. I got a haircut. I asked for my usual: “Number 1 on the sides and back, trimmed on the top.” The stylist said, “Ah, summer cut.” Well, yeah. And spring, fall and winter, too.
  3. I put together the Little Man’s birthday present this morning. We got him one of those massive Thomas the Train tables with all the track and accessories. The box weighed 100 pounds. From start-to-finish, it took me about 2-1/2 hours to put the whole thing together. I took some video which I will post later. Now we have to keep the Little Man out of the family room for the next week.
  4. I completely a quick “re-read” of Stephen King’s On Writing. An occasional run-through of a book like that helps remind my how much fun it is to be a writer, and helps me to drop all of the mental clutter, and just try to tell a good story.
  5. Kelly cleaned off a tricycle that we inherited for the Little Man. We then took it out and let him ride around the neighborhood. He had a blast. He then proceeded to nap for several hours, well into the evening, after which he decided it was of vital importance to ride the new bike around the house.
  6. Happy Birthday, Doug!

And in some other Little Man-related news, he has spent the last 5 nights on his new bed. The first two nights took a little effort to get him to sleep, but once asleep, he remained in the bed all night. Wednesday and Thursday nights, he let us read to him and then leave. He fell asleep without needing us to stay, just like back in his crib. Last night, not so much. Tonight it’s anyone’s guess. He has yet to go to bed.

Heading to Burke Lake Park tomorrow. Barbecuing tomorrow night.

What have you been up to?


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