Albany weekend, day 2

We got a lot of rain yesterday. That means that for much of the day, we were trapped indoors with a 6 month-old, a 2 year-old, and a 4 year-old and eventually, they were bouncing off the walls. So finally, around noon, we headed out to a place called Tree Paad, which is a kind of indoor kids paradise and let the Little Man and the Dude run free. There was a huge “fortress” that they could climb around in with all kinds of slides to slide down and the kids had a blast. The adults had a blast, too, chasing them around, racing them down the slides, and watching them smile and laugh.

It did bring home an unpleasant truth, however. I am really out of shape. After half a dozen times climbing up into this fortress with the Little Man and sliding down the slide, I was out of breath. Kelly and I took turns and despite being over 31 weeks pregnant, she probably took him down the slide more times than I did!

It didn’t help that I filled myself up with an assortment of comestibles all of which were designed to be both delicious and as unhealthy as possible: a hot dog, a slice of pizza, some french fries (with mayo) and a soda. I was hungry and I wolfed that down quickly–and then proceeded to chase the little man around, all the while sloshing that poisonous mixture around in my stomach.

The Little Man crashed on the drive home and rather than risk bringing up into the house and waking him up, I pulled the car into the driveway, put my seat back as far as it could go, and napped in the car with him. (It was cool out from the rains so there was no danger of overheating in the car.) We managed to get in a nice nap that way.

For dinner, we all went to a restaurant on the Hudson river called Yanni’s Too. (Read Eric’s review of the restaurant.) We had a table on the patio, right on the river. The rain had pretty much stopped and the air was the perfect temperature. There was a fellow playing guitar and the ambiance was pleasant. The food was just terrific. I splurged and had a 6 ounce filet and 6 ounce lobster tail, both of which were excellent. Kelly had fish and the Little Man had mac and cheese. Dessert was excellent as well and the kids were pretty well-behaved.

The only bump in the road, so to speak, was the fact that our GPS died on our way there. After four years (almost to the day) of outstanding service, it gave up the ghost. It’s fried. It won’t turn out, even when plugged in. So today I’m heading out to find a replacement. Other than that it was a terrific evening out with friends.

One amusing side-note: for the second time in my life, I drove through a sobriety checkpoint on the way home. There were two police cars, stopping traffic on a country backroad in both directions. They were perfectly pleasant. As I pulled up, the officer glanced in the car and said, “How’s your Fourth of July weekend so far?”

“Great,” I said, “How’s yours?”

“Very good,” he said. “Enjoy the rest of your weekend.” And he waved us on. The amusing thing about it is that both times I’ve gone through sobriety checkpoints have been in upstate New York, and both times it has been on rural backroads. I’m not exactly sure what that has to say about small towns in upstate New York, if anything.

Tonight we are going to a Valley Cat’s single-A baseball game, after which is a Fourth of July fireworks display. Tomorrow, we head home.

Enjoy your Fourth of July!


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