What’s been keeping me busy

Readercon is a week away! I’m using that as an arbitrary deadline for a number of things. Here is what is keeping me busy, writing-wise, between now and then:

  • Finish draft of “Rescue” (working title) of a novelette by 7/13.
  • Finish reading the January 1941 Astounding by 7/10.
  • Write Episode 19 of my Vacation in the Golden Age by 7/11.
  • Write the next Wayward Time-Traveler column for SF Signal by 7/10.
  • Read and comment on two stories for Juliette Wade.
  • Read and comment on the first five chapters of a novel for a writer’s group friend.
  • Prepare for my two Readercon panels.
That, of course, is just the writing side of things. In addition to that there is:
  • The day job
  • The Little Man and Kelly
  • Squeezing in some time here and there to exercise
  • Numerous odd jobs around the house
I’m a little pressed for time this week, as you can see. I haven’t read a word of A Storm of Swords in a couple of weeks now. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just don’t have the time. I’ve been stuck on 220 forever, it seems. I am also squeezing in blog posts where I can. I apologize if the topics and posts have not been up to their usual standard in the last week or so. These other pressing items, to say nothing of being out of town have taken their toll. I’ve had to turn down another SF Signal Podcast appearance tonight because I just have too much going on, and that is just sad because those podcasts are so much fun.
I did manage to submit my bio for Capclave today. I’ll be a participant there in October.
I hope to be caught up and back on track once I am back from Readercon. Please bear with me until then.

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  1. It’s an eternal struggle…. housework… or writing…housework? writing? I heard a speech by Patricia O’Rielly Giff, a children’s writer. She said growing up her kids didn’t have hot meals or clean socks, all because she was a writer….lol


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