Coming soon: new features to the Vacation in the Golden Age

I am in the process of working on some new features that will become part of the Vacation in the Golden Age posts. These features should make the various Episodes more useful by allowing you to cross-reference names and titles to specific episodes, and jump to a point in an Episode for a given title. Among the features that will be coming:

  • Author indexes: author names within the Episode posts will be hyperlinked. Clicking on the link will take you to an index page for that author, listing all of their appearances in the Vacation. Each item in the list will be linked back to the Episode in which it appeared. The index will also contain the AnLab ratings for the author, as well as my ratings.
  • Title references: references to titles that appear in the Vacation will be hyperlinked and will take you to the specific part within the episode in which my comments on the piece appear
Implementing this requires a number of steps:
  1. Create a database to store the information
  2. Compile and import data into the database
  3. Create a WordPress plug-in to render the author index pages
  4. Go back and place bookmark anchors in the existing Episodes
  5. Hyperlink all authors and titles that appear within the Vacation posts
At present, I am working on Step 2. I am hoping to have the new features completed before August 25–or just in time for Episode 22 (April 1941). Of course, I will announce when the new features are available, although some of them will be pretty obvious once they are in place.


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