Introducing the Author Index to my Vacation in the Golden Age

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now, and I’ve finally got it done! I have put together an Author Index to the Vacation in the Golden Age. The index is a listing of all authors alphabetically. Indexed beneath each author is their stories or articles that have appeared in the Vacation so far, in order of appearance. Each entry lists the issue date and episode, and provides a link to the episode.

It is a pretty simple and barebones interface right now. I’m hoping to add some additional features in the future.

The Author Index is current up to and including Episode 25 (July 1941). It will be updated prior to the release of each new Episode.

Hope you find the index useful. Suggestions are always welcome. Go forth and browse!


  1. Not trying to be too anally retentive, but you did not list Willy Ley’s two part science article, “The Search for Zero”, in the October-November 1940 issues.

    In your review of the October 1940 issue you wrote “As I said, I will report on Willy Ley’s two-part science article “The Search for Zero” after part 2 appears in the next issue.”

    But in your ASF November 1940 review, while you do mention Part 2, there is no report.

    I promise to go away now. And will not mention this topic again. 🙂

    1. Mark, I notice that too, and I couldn’t find the title of the article because I was just going to my rankings to produce the list. Somehow, I dropped the ball on that article. I apologize.

  2. There’s nothing to apoligize for, Jamie. You are doing (the SF) God’s work with your Vacation.


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